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Red Chair Farm, LLC

"Farming is our work of heart."

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We're a small farm making a big difference! Red Chair Farm was established in 2016 when a couple Oregon natives decided to take a leap of faith and pursue their dreams! This family run operation services the Wilsonville and Canby area, taking part in local farmers markets Saturdays and Sundays in neighboring communities with garden starts, fresh vegetables and handmade items galore! You’ll find us working from sun up to sun down and if weather doesn’t permit us being outside, we’re busy hosting art classes! We host art events, both private and public on all levels. What started as a hobby in our living room has taken us to teaching dozens of different mediums all over the PNW! Our program is completely mobile so whether you're hosting a small girls night or attending one of our large public events, we're rocking it and having a blast! We’re blessed beyond measure and sharing our work of heart with fellow members of the community!

In 2019 we started a pig program where we raise a dozen pigs per year for pork. In this crazy world today we felt it more important than ever to know where your food comes from and what exactly is in it. This program has been so successful and in high demand that in 2021 we launched a beef operation as well. Still in it's infancy, it's off to a great start and shows a lot of potential! We are big believers that if you take care of the land, it will take care of you.

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